The History Behind Lucky Cola Casino’s Famous Logo


In the vibrant city of Las Vegas during the roaring 1950s, two entrepreneurs, Vincent “Vinnie” Callaghan and Loretta “Lori” Davidson, set out to create a casino experience unlike any other. Vinnie, with his extensive background in the beverage industry, and Lori, with her flair for design, decided to combine their skills.

The name “Lucky Cola Casino” was inspired by Vinnie’s great-grandfather, who had once tried to compete with the major cola companies of the day by launching his own brand, “Lucky’s Cola.” Though the beverage business didn’t last long, Vinnie always remembered the adventurous spirit of his great-grandfather and wanted to honor him.

When it came time to design the logo, Lori was inspired by both the fizzing bubbles of a freshly opened cola and the bright lights of slot machines. She merged these ideas into a singular, striking design. The primary element was a cola bottle with its top popped open. From the open neck of the bottle, vibrant bubbles floated upward, each turning into a classic casino icon: a cherry, a seven, a diamond, and a horseshoe. The colors chosen were deep cola brown, effervescent gold, and a glowing neon red to capture the essence of both a cola beverage and the glitzy allure of casinos.

The logo was an immediate hit. People associated the bubbling excitement of winning at the slots with the effervescence of a cola, making the brand instantly recognizable. Stories began to circulate about the luck associated with the logo. Superstitious gamblers began to rub the logo for good luck, and there were tales of jackpot winners swearing by their “Lucky Cola” touch.

As years went by, the logo itself became a symbol of fortune and excitement in Vegas. The logo’s elements, especially the “lucky bubbles,” started appearing in various merchandise, from shirts and hats to keychains and even limited-edition cola beverages in collaboration with major soft drink companies.

Today, Lucky Cola Casino stands not just as a testament to the success of Vinnie and Lori’s vision but as a symbol of timeless innovation, combining the refreshing nature of a drink with the thrill of gambling. The iconic logo is not just a brand symbol but a piece of history, capturing the essence of a bygone era and the ever-present hope of striking it rich.


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