Baji Online Sports Betting

If you are primarily interested in sports betting, the Baji sportsbook section has many captivating sports and betting markets to keep you engaged for a long time. Visit I-Sports or SBO Sports sections to bet on the following sports.


More than 70 soccer leagues worldwide and over 200 betting markets are presented on Baji. Choose your favorite league and use your wide knowledge of the game and, of course, some betting strategies to guess the correct score or the team to make the last goal.


Get up close with the NBA’s exhilarating matches, Europe’s top basketball leagues, and international tournaments. Use the search bar to find the league you’re interested in, and sort out the events using a filter for the most convenient betting experience ever.


Shuttle through the BWF tournaments, All England Open, and Thomas Cup. Predict game sets, player performances, and championship outcomes while watching the shuttlecock flying back and forth the court.


Do you want to step into the future of sports? Start E-Sports betting. From League of Legends World Championships and Dota 2’s The International to the tactical worlds of CS: GO leagues – immerse yourself in a bettor’s digital paradise with Baji Baji betting site.


Who will hit the next century? Which team will clinch the next series? The options are endless. Place the ordinary and special bets on the ICC World Cup, Emirates D20, or CBFS T20 League, and don’t forget to claim the bonus.


No matter how picky tennis bettor you are, Baji Bangladesh is your portal to satisfying all your preferences and desires. Baji allows you to bet on every ace, every tie-breaker, and every championship point that keeps tennis fans excited.


Over 14 volleyball leagues around the world, from Brazil to Uruguay are available on the sportsbook. Who will be the first in set scores, match victors, or league leaders? The choice is yours.


Navigate through the Pan American Games, Argentina La Liga, and other leagues. Bet on goal counts, team outcomes, and player performances in this fast-paced sport.

Table Tennis

The amount of table tennis betting options is waiting for you on Baji. You can bet on WTT Champion events, Setka Cup events, and another national league in live and pre-match modes. Available betting markets will certainly leave you satisfied.

Other Sports

Sports that the online Baji site offers don’t end here. Explore an array of other sports from rugby, pool, lotto, and motorsport, and even try betting at stock markets. Use every betting option offered to have a great time here.



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