Labha7 bd Casino – What is Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live is a unique, multi-layered Labha7 bd live game  that allows an unlimited number of online players to play and deal for a top cash prize. The objective of the game is to predict whether the amount of money in the last 16 briefcases in total will be higher than the banker’s offer.

To qualify to enter the Deal or No Deal Game, you have to spin the three-reel bank vault wheel and align gold segments into the upper sector of the wheel within the qualification time. Before you start spinning, you can select any of the briefcases to be the briefcase containing the biggest prize. Each of your spins sets the amount of money in the biggest-prize briefcase by 75x – 500x of your bet. The bigger you bet, the bigger the value in the briefcases to qualify for the game show.

Once you have qualified, a Top Up wheel will appear. If you wish to top up the amount of money in the briefcase of your choice by 5x – 50x of your bet, select your top-up bet amount and spin the wheel as many times as you wish within the time provided, wherever it stops the value is added to the case you selected. Minimum and maximum bets are based on the table limits.

Then it’s straight into the live hosted Deal or No Deal game show — a high-energy contest of nerves, luck, and raw intuition with the familiar, globally recognisable look and feel of the hit TV game show. Negotiate with the Banker, and answer the world-known question Deal or No Deal?

Gambling means for the majority of our Users, entertainment, fun and excitement. But we also know that for some of our Users gambling has negative side effects. In the medical science is pathologic gambling since many years as serious sickness recognised.

Since our first day we have thought about this problem and try our best to help. Under “Responsible Gambling” We understand multiple steps of measures, with which a gambling provider can help to lower the possibility of negative side effects appearing. -In case they already appear we also try to take active steps against them.

The most important instrument against negative side effects from gambling is knowledge and education about the risks of gambling to support our Users self-control in order to make sure they do not suffer from negative side effects.


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