Bonuses and Promotions in Baji Live

Users in India can look forward to generous bonuses and promotions from Baji. Betting on sports, horse racing, casino and slots will become even more exciting.Every Baji player gets a welcome bonus just for signing up! And several bonuses for the first deposit will allow you to get to know the company better and try your hand at betting. A player can get up to 100% of his first deposit.

First Deposit Bonus

Users can get one of several bonuses when they make a deposit. A bonus is available to all players when they make theirfirst deposit of at least 200 INR. To activate it when making a deposit, the player must select this bonus and use it at will! The bonus can be used in any game except Ludobet and must be wagered 3 times before withdrawal.Another attractive first deposit bonus from Baji is a 100% bonus on slot machines. The bonus can be activated on making a deposit of at least Rs 200. Withdrawal is possible after 10 wagering sessions.

It is important to note that each welcome promotion can be used separately from other promotions and only once during the first deposit.

Sports Bonus

The player can filter the promotions and bonuses on the site according to their preferences. When wishing to bet on sports, the user is offered several bonuses:

  • Bonuses for first deposits for sports betting. A player can get 200 INR or 77% of the first deposit of at least 500 INR. As well as a bonus of up to 50% of the first deposit when playing on Exchange Premium, I-Sports, BJ Sports and SBO Sports.
  • Over ₹5 million bonus. The player must be on the leaderboard to receive the bonus. For this, one has to make a deposit of 200 INR and bet on any cricket market. Points are awarded from 9:30 pm every Saturday to 9:29 pm the following Saturday, and the leaderboard itself is updated daily.
  • Random sports betting bonus! You can get a bonus by playing cricket on any cricket market. The system selects the winner randomly and the winner could be you.

Casino & Table Cashback

Play live casino and table games and win prizes! The player has the opportunity to get cashback of up to 25%. To get the bonus you need to:

  1. Register and log in to your Baji account.
  2. Select the promotion while making a deposit and deposit at least 200 INR.
  3. Place bets on live and casino and table games and get cashback!

Bets placed before 9:29 pm on the day will be considered in the calculation. Losses within 24 hours of the start of the promotion will be taken into account. Cashback is credited until 12:00 of the next day after 10 wagerings. The maximum amount of cashback is 1777 INR.


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