Some of the best cards for under levelled Clash Royale Players

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Some experienced players who engage in Clash Royale game, know how to be successful and how to make use of resources available in the game. Many others enjoy using hacking tools to find unlimited Clash Royale gems, to enhance their game. Players who are successful are not left behind in the game, but those who are under levelled players; they struggle to understand the game in order to be successful in the game.

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This article will help the under levelled players of Clash Royale to know about best cards that can be quite useful in the game.


A lot of Clash Royale players use Sparky. It is also the less used card in the Meta and helps catching your enemy when they are unwary when used. The card gives importance to a lot of spell bait decks as well.

Royal Giant

Again, this is a prominent choice. If you try to upgrade this card enough, it can help you reach 1-2 levels higher as compared to the level of the King’s tower. Long range and powerful stats are quite helpful. The card is not placed at a higher rank as it is quite expensive, especially if your enemy owns hard counters against your Royal Giant.

Mega Minion

The card is immune to most spells, excluding Rocket and Lightning; it definitely performs its duties no matter what level its level is. It is good with both defense and offense can fits into every deck. However, every user utilizes this card so that it covers under levelled players.

Hog Rider

This card doesn’t possess any extraordinary feature that makes it compete, especially in ranges of higher trophy. Players using Hog rider possess a great sense of the basics, which takes them quite far in the game.

Knowing about each card will certainly help you level up in the game.

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